Lilianna Clearwater


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  Name: Lilianna Clearwater Race: Water Elemental Occupation: Water Seraph, Protector of Estellias “This is only the beginning. Something much bigger is going on, beyond a mad king and his crumbling kingdom.” My OC. Copyright belongs to Terri Ann McDaniel. … Continue reading

The Martyr Queen – Prologue

Shaolindian Year : 9940

Terror rushed through Alaina as she struggled against the pale hand gripping her throat.

No, this couldn’t be happening, not with her son watching only a few feet away.  She could accept whatever was about to happen to her, but who would protect her precious child when she was gone?  Would they throw him to the wolves or corrupt his innocent heart?

These were the things Alaina Illiera thought as she stared into the merciless black  eyes of her assailant.  His thins lips curled into a sickeningly amused smile as she flailed helplessly.

She was strong for an Elemental, but for once in the eternal struggle between their two races, he was stronger.  She, a giver of life, was losing to this Daemon, the king of necromancers, defilers, and killers.  His voice hissed as he taunted her, destroying the happiness of the last few years with dark truths she had been too naive to see.  He had already taken her friends, her family, even her husband, and now he would not even leave her those memories before her death.

Her heart pounded in her chest as it became harder and harder to breath.  Despite the power of her race raging just beneath her skin, she could not force him away.  The darkness of his own blood raged against her birthright, snuffing it out until her very soul grew weak.  As darkness enveloped her sight, she heard her son calling out for her.  Alaina reached for him, wanting to touch him just one last time.  She wished she could will him to look away. This couldn’t be the last thing he would remember about her, but his eyes stayed fixed on her face.

“Don’t worry, Alaina,” her attacker said in an almost soothing voice.  It was getting hard to see and even harder to hear, but that didn’t stop him from taunting her one last time.  “At least you’re being spared from what is coming…”

As her final breath escaped her lips, Alaina couldn’t help but think of the one who had caused all of this to happen.  His face flashed behind her eyes as they fluttered shut.  His voice, his laugh, his smile, it all rushed through her one last time.  She whispered his name softly, lovingly, regretting that she hadn’t been able to save him and wishing that he’d chosen to save her.  His name slipped out in a whisper as she began falling into darkness.


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