January WIP Joy

I did this little prompt on my twitter this past month. It was a lot of fun, inspired me to draw, think about my book, and search for new visual inspiration. I decided to bring all my answers together here in one blog post. Enjoy!


1. Describe your story as blank meets blank. Grishaverse meets Graceling with Supernatural-like sibling bond.

2. Why I love my protagonist. She’s not stereotypically strong. She’s scared, but steps up to save people when it counts.

3. Side character I love. Finton Leary: big teddy bear, poc, natural leader, bad-ass, a human in love w/a dragoness.

4. Why I love my antagonist. Del seems powerful & dangerous but he’s really just a terrified boy mourning his brother.

5. I hope someday Wellspring gets a review that says: They love Sera and Eva and couldn’t put the book down.

6. Character I’d be Best Friends With: Adair. He’s sarcastic but kind, & fiercely loyal. We’d understand each other well.

7. First idea/inspiration for this WIP. Wellspring began as a 5min short about 2 sisters for my senior animation project.

8. Favorite line from WIP about a character: “I think Adair likes to cause trouble,” Sera said. (That about sums him up.)

9. Favorite description from WIP. A laugh sent bliss into her heart, forcing a smile to her lips like an improper joke.

10. Fav line of dialogue. Zen grinned, his eyes hooded in what could only be pleasure. “Come dance with me, Eva.”

11. Favorite line about emotion.


12. A cut scene I still love. Scene from my cut prologue. A child foresees thousands massacred.


13. One beta could not stop thinking about my characters after she finished Wellspring.

14. I’d love for readers to be immersed in this diverse world, & enjoy the non-stereotypical, strong female protagonist.

15. Animal I love in Wellspring. The Ferieve! Anthropomorphic wolves, that nearly capture my protagonist.

16. Sights to see in Wellspring. Anyone who comes to Shaolindia needs to see an Elemental in action.


17. Sounds to be heard: A ferieve’s howl as its hunts down prey, or an ayferi warrior’s call.


18. Scents smelled: The unique floral scent in the Elemental throne room, where hundreds of flowers blossom all year.

19. Tastes/flavors. Adair’s favorite meal: roasted pheasant topped with chopped nuts & drizzled w/tart cranberry sauce.

20. Touches/textures Sera pleasantly discovers boys have very soft lips & aren’t just cold & calloused like she imagined.

21. I would love for my book to become a movie/tv show because I would die of happiness to see my vision come to life.

22. Most epic thing about Wellspring is that it’s about two sisters overcoming terrible odds TOGETHER, despite their differences.

23. Cut my prologue. I love my prologue, still do, but it’s more of a short story.

24. Some felt Eva was snarky and rude, but that’s who she is. I ended up only toning down her attitude.

25. Shout out to the amazing ladies who encouraged me in my writing: Cathleen Townsend, Katherine Tree, Sameen Elahi, and Diana Debolt Johnson.

26. I’ve loved YA Fantasy since reading Tamora Pierce’s books. There’s so much magic and character development in YA.

27. These are some of my favorite images that remind me of Wellspring. I couldn’t pick just one.

28. Sera and Eva love and support each other despite major differences in life choices and outlook.


29. I’ve worked so hard on Wellspring and its world, Shaolindia, it’s like I’ve lived there the last eight years.

30. The family theme is so important to me. I wanted sisters who stick together no matter what; to set that example.

31. Writing Wellspring has taught me to think outside my own little box of world perceptions.

2 thoughts on “January WIP Joy

  1. Your book sounds pretty fantastic! We need more books about great sibling duos. 🙂 Tamora Pierce has been an inspiration for me as well. Love all your art! Thanks for posting this on here.

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