Welcome to Shaolindia

…and the kingdom of Estellias.



Estellias has been a labor of love that started my senior year of college, in 2007. It humbly began as an animated short for a final project; an exchange between two sisters that lasted five minutes. As I developed the backstory for the short, the sisters showed me there was much more to tell than five, short minutes could hold. I began writing, and didn’t stop for at least a year. Nearly 450k words later, I had a massive manuscript on my hands with no idea what to do with it. Now, thanks to fantastic critique partners and my wonderful, local writers group, my manuscript has been broken into three books with the potential for two more. My dream is to one day see those stories in print. I am currently wandering the long road of traditional publishing, and in the end I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve my goal. This world has shown me so many wondrous stories and I cannot wait to share them.

One thought on “Welcome to Shaolindia

  1. Hey, you have a blog. I didn’t know your novels started with an animated short. Amazing how something like that can grow. I’m sure you’ll see your stories in print someday. They’re far too good to sit around gathering dust. 🙂

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